Enjoying the success of making Canada’s most popular kale chips comes with a big responsibility. Growing kale right here in Canada is not only fun, it also drastically minimizes our environmental impact; reduced shipping means less pollution in our environment, fresher kale, and a price lower than our competitors.

Using today’s best technology allows Solar Raw Food to produce the best kale chips in the most sustainable manner. Our energy and money-saving technological innovations include:

  • 1

    salvaging and repurposing a 10,000 sqft. abandoned commercial building

  • 2

    installing a 10 kW roof-mounted photo voltaic solar panel system to provide electricity to the entire building

  • 3

    installing custom made ultra high efficiency food dehydrators that lock in all the enzymes and phyto-nutrients

  • 4

    installing Laars ultra high efficiency gas heating and hot water systems with heat reclamation technology

  • 5

    installing natural grey water treatment on site

  • 6

    installing an Ecosmarte chemical free water purification system to make sure our spring fed well water is 100% pure

  • 7

    installing water and energy saving produce washing technology to ensure the kale is squeaky clean

  • 8

    installing a natural Ozone sanitizing system (instead of chlorine) to keep the kale kitchen looking its best

In short, the equation looks like this

Solar panel technology
+ raw food nutrition
= Solar raw food!

All this technology allows us to keep our overheads low so we can pass those savings on by investing in the best quality ingredients and quality people to make the most delicious kale chips for you! It also helps that Solar Raw Food has no landlords or bankers or other layers of fat that drive costs higher. Solar Raw Food was started by two angel donors and is financially self supporting. Proceeds from the business go to acquiring more farmland to put into use feeding humans! We get asked daily, “how can you make the best tasting organic kale chips and sell them in the most generous portions on the market and at the best price?” The answer is found in every word written above. So if you believe, as we do, that you can look and feel your best by eating highly nutritious food prepared in a conscientious manner, then keep enjoying the Ultimate Kale Chips from Solar Raw Food!

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